Monday, 26 October 2015

Modern Futuristic Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas

The teen girls are certainly happy with everything cheerful and colorful, including their bedroom designs. Bright colors such as pink, green or blue color are usually the top choice of teen girl bedroom themes, like the examples in these pictures.

Teenage girl will surely love the idea of ​​this bedroom design. This is a bright and beautiful girl bedroom design. Seen in the picture, one of the walls of the rooms facing the outside is filled with wide glass windows lined with white vintage that lets the sun shine comes through the windows. Facing the outside there is a white study table with a beautiful soft green office chair. Next to the table, near the corner there is a tall white wooden display cabinet. Inside the cabinet there are books, photo frame, and a lot of girl stuff put in some stuff baskets. In front of the cabinet there is a white wooden sofa bed. The bed is covered by a soft pink floral comforter, which is similar to the pillowcase. In the middle of the room, above the cream rug layering the wooden floor, there are two beautiful round chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

The next picture shows a futuristic teenage girl room design. This is a spacious modern girl bedroom. The color that dominates the decor of this room is blue. On one wall there is a futuristic big wardrobe. Right next to the wardrobe there is a study table with a white book shelves on it. On the other side of the wall, there is standing a storage bed with a very futuristic headboard design. This bed is standing next to its bedside cabinet on the white tiled floor. In addition to the modern concept of the bedroom, there is a large charcoal gray rug layering the open space floor.

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