Monday, 26 October 2015

Classy Medieval Moroccan Bedroom Design

There are many ideas for designing your bedroom, starting from a modern, classical, to futuristic idea. If you pay attention, there are many hotels that offer places to stay with a variety of room designs and themes. A room design that might draw your attention is a design of Moroccan room.

The first image shows a simple yet elegant Moroccan room design. This room has wooden floor and beige painted wall. There are two glass windows with brown roll-up blinds as the window coverings. All of the furniture in it is made of wood. As the focus, there is a wooden Moroccan storage bed equipped with red comforter and many pillows on it. Most pillows are covered with red pillowcase. There are two wooden bedside cabinets with a modern desk lamp having a square lampshade each. A wooden bench is placed right in front of the Moroccan bed. Near the window, there is a wooden table with a cabriolet accompanying it.

A more brilliant classic Moroccan bedroom design is shown in the next picture. This bedroom has a medieval Moroccan style theme. This bedroom has wooden floor and soft yellow colored walls. As the center of the room, there is a large and exotic Moroccan bed. The bed is made of wood with a fist-shaped headboard and has four canopy beds. At almost on the entire surface of the bed frame are carvings that reflect the characteristics of the middle ages. On the right this beautiful Moroccan bed there is a elegant wooden bedside with a desk lamp on it. On the other side of the bed, there is a carved wooden cupboard that is no less elegant compared to the other furniture. A white display cabinet is standing in front of the cupboard. Overall, this is such a classy Moroccan bedroom design idea.

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