Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Fun and Cool Teenage Boy Room

Designing a teenager room is not only a matter selecting furniture and color theme, but it is also a matter of balancing what they want and how things go through their lifetime. There are some ideas that might inspire you in designing your teenage boy room. Here are some examples of fun and stylish designs of teenage boy room

The first image shows a picture of a fun teenage boy room which is also functioning as a bedroom. It is a spacious and bright room with the main theme of the famous football club, Barcelona. The walls of this room are painted in two colors of blue and white. On the white painted wall, there are two glass windows with light blue sheer curtain layering over them. Near the window is placed a unique storage bed. This storage bed has a unique Barcelona shirt shaped headboard. To the left of the bed is a white bedside with two drawers in it. The top drawer is painted in the dark blue color and bottom drawer is in maroon red. On one wall stood a cupboard painted with the Barcelona shirt theme as well. You can even see that on one wall is attached a uniform set of the same football club. This room has a white tiled floor covered with a gray rug. Overall, this is such a fun boy room sample.

 The next picture shows a cool teenage boy room. The colors that dominate this teenage boy room are dark colors such as black, dark brown, and gray. There is on wall layered with wallpaper of the Beatles while the other wall is left as an exposed bricked wall. A cool gray mattress is place in the corner of the room, against the wall which is decorated with a lot of posters. A set of comfortable sofa made of fabric material with dark purple and light purple color is in placed at the bedside, completed with a futuristic table that is placed on a carpet with a futuristic motif as well. As a complement of this teenage boy room design, there is an electric guitar and a telescope that adds the cool look of the room.

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