Sunday, 12 July 2015

Elegant and Spacious Bedroom for Young Adult Women

There is a difference between adults, youths, and young adults. Each of them has their different styles and tastes. One of those differences is the bedroom design taste. If you are a young adult woman and looking for ideas for designing your bedroom, here are some pictures of a young adult bedroom that may be used as guidelines.

The first image shows an elegant apartment bedroom of a young adult woman. The room is clearly not located on the ground floor. With a glass wall facing the outside, this room looks bright and comfortable. This is a modern bedroom having futuristic furniture with a combination of dark brown and white color. There are not so much stuff in this space. A large bed is placed against the glass wall. There is only medium sided cupboard and large cabinet standing on one of the walls. A bedside cabinet is placed on the left side of the headboard without any desk lamp on it. However, there is a desk lamp on the right side of the headboard anyway. This young adult bedroom has a white marbled floor, and no too far from the bed there is placed an animal skin rug.

However, if you are an energetic young woman, the following is a sample of bedroom design idea that might suit you. This is a spacious young woman bedroom. The color theme that dominates this room is a combination of brown and white colors. Same as the previous image, this room has a glass wall facing the house yard. The difference is, this room is part of a house and is located on the first floor. A futuristic work desk and chair are placed against the wall of glass. Behind the table set there is a small brown bed facing a big wardrobe. This room has white wall and white tiled floor with a large gray rug layering over it. There is no cabinet in this room, but instead, there are some wall shelves which are also in brown color. As an addition, to the left of the bed is placed a small rack with a desk lamp on it.

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