Sunday, 12 July 2015

An Elegant and Luxurious Purple Kitchen Designs

Luxury can be expressed in many ways. One of those is to design an elegant luxury kitchen. Elegant luxurious modern kitchen can be obtained by applying a correct color. Thus, you can use the purple color as a main theme of the kitchen design. Let's look at some examples of purple kitchen design pictures below.

The first picture shows an elegant and luxurious purple kitchen design. The kitchen is designed with the concept of modern kitchen equipped with modern kitchen fixture as well. This kitchen has a spacious room with a lot of wide glass windows installed on the walls. Several large purple cabinets stand on one wall and are fitted with two ovens. Not far from the cabinets there is a large artistic kitchen island. This white-top kitchen island has a very unique shape that also functions as a bar. At both ends of the bar are round wooden cabinets that have a purple marble top. The bar is equipped with three white benches. Adding to the impression of elegance, an artistic ceiling crowns the kitchen with some futuristic purple lamps installed.
The second picture shows a purple kitchen design which is no less interesting. This modern kitchen carries two elegant color combinations, which are purple and charcoal gray. This gray tiled floor kitchen is equipped with modern wall cabinet painted in glossy purple color. Under the wall cabinet there is a set of cabinet which is also painted in the same color having a white marble top. In the middle of the kitchen space, there is a square purple dining table and four leather dining chairs. The table is not too big but is equipped the elegant of the overall kitchen design. Right above the dining table, there is hanging a beautiful chandelier on the white painted ceiling. What a lovely purple kitchen design it has.

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