Sunday, 12 July 2015

Adorable Dining Table Set for Lovely Dining Room

Having dinner together with family is a lovely time. It even will be greater if held in an adorable dining room. An adorable and comfortable dining room is determined not only by the arrangement, but also by the by furniture arranged. A lovely arrangement and dining table set selection of a dining room, moreover, will complete the family’s togetherness. 

Seen in the first picture is a dining room decorating idea using a wooden dining table set. It shows a warm dining room set with a classic concept. The wooden brown color has been the main them of the room. Large glass windows are set on the creamy wall facing outdoor. A gray rug is put on a wooden floor under a square large wooden dining table. Around the table there are six wooden dining chairs. The large size of the table and the amount of the chairs make this room such a suitable room for family gathering.

Another picture shows a more modern dining room. It is a wide room with ivory white painted wall. There are three separated large glass windows with a cream curtain. This wooden floor dining room has a classic taste yet modern dining room set furniture. Placed on a large cream carpet are is a dining table set which consists of a big dark brown table and six chairs. They are six wooden chairs which seats and are coated with cream-colored fabric material. As the source of the light, which also functions as an accessory, there is a round modern chandelier above the table.

The last picture shows a simple dining room. Although it looks simple, but this dining room is a cozy dining room for a family gathering place. Surrounded by white walls, this dining room has the same theme colored furniture. A simple cabinet is located on one side of the walls. This cabinet is white with a natural wood color on its top. As the main part of the dining room, in the middle of the room there is a dining table set with six wooden chairs. The legs of the table, just like the legs and back of the chairs is white, while the top of the table and the seats of the chairs are left wooden brown.  That dining table set is placed on a creamy carpet on a maple wood floor.

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