Monday, 13 July 2015

Elegant Curtain Designs for Windows

A perfectly designed house interior the presence of curtain will add a more twist.  But all in all curtains function to block light coming in to the room or to obscure light from inside of the room. Curtains can be selected to match the theme or scheme of the room, or put in contrast with the room. Curtains can be plain or decorated, thick or thin.

A picture here shows a khaki colored room. The selected curtain for this room is taupe colored curtains. Khaki and taupe are shades of brown, with one brighter than the other. Another similar example for this is shown in a white room with three windows. On the windows cream colored curtains are hung. Or you could refer to another picture of a living room covered with bright pale brown wallpapers. The curtain hung on the window of this room is desert-sand, a brighter shade of brown.

The examples mentioned above are curtains that are in contrast with the room scheme. However, for some people, having a single color curtain is pretty boring; they would prefer curtains with decorative patterns or motives. For example, one of these pictures shows a room with two casement windows. The curtains covered with green leaves and branches. The motive of these curtains is simple, but very beautiful and gorgeous, and is also in line with the green cushion on the sofa. This curtain looks light and vibrant.

Another picture shows a bay window in the middle of a dark grey room. The curtains of this window apply dark grey glossy curtains with leaf-like motive. Unlike the curtains mentioned previously, these curtains looks elegant and heavier in weight, on the other hand it looks very much elegant, exclusive and luxurious. Curtains with darker shades like this are very perfect to obscure the light from outside, or to prevent the room from being exposed from the outside.

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