Monday, 13 July 2015

Exciting Whimsical Living Rooms With Contemporary Decorations

Living rooms with one major color is very common nowadays, and white is the most favorable colors to choose. But some people would prefer to mix and match colors with styles, combining modernity, classical, chic, vintage, and elaborate designs all together. This combination of many different styles and colors is called a whimsical design, and is a perfect alternative for you who do not want to have your living room look monotonous.

To start off with, there is this picture of a white living room. Although the room is colored mostly in white, the features of this room are capricious. To the right, near the window, lies a sofa with fancy covers and cushions. Adjacent to the fancy sofa, there is another sofa with flowery decoration. There is a colorful rug on the floor, and on the rug is a chest that is functioned as a coffee table. Across the room from the fancy sofa, is a magenta arm chair next to a simple folding table.  At the far edge of the room, next to the wall is an old-fashioned cabinet. Above it, hanging on the wall, is a bottle-cap-like green clock. With all these features, the room looks extremely fun and cozy, because there are other small things that help the room looks lively, i.e. a globe, a second-hand cigar box, and a couple of vases with bright yellow flowers.
Another picture shows yet another white colored living room, but this time it is accentuated with brownish features. This living room combines classical country designs and contemporary home appliance. There are two sofa beds flanking a large square wooden table, and are faced upon a large fireplace. Across the fireplace are two brown classical armchairs. Above the fireplace is a contemporary wall decoration. There are two wall openings on the left and right of the fireplace to store firewood, and on top of those openings are placed interesting antiquities: brown china to the right and a bust to the left.

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