Monday, 4 May 2015

Breathtaking House Designs with Mansard Roof

A house with mansard roof usually have very beautiful look. The house may be able to remind you of French houses in the 19th century. During 1960, mansard roof becomes popular in United States. You can even still find houses with mansard roof in this modern time.

Before we go further, you may be wondering about what mansard roof is. Well, mansard roof is actually dual pitched hip roof with lower slope. I often get difficulty to explain mansard roof in detail. For getting clearer ideas, it’s better if you take a look at the displayed pictures. The pictures show you beautiful houses with mansard roof. In the first picture, you can see a two-story ranch house that has blue exterior walls. Mansard roof with two glass windows make the house look more beautiful and stunning.

Okay, let’s move to the second picture. It’s a two-story house with brown exterior brick walls. The house has traditional style that looks so welcoming. Gray mansard roof with glass windows makes the house look more appealing and welcoming even from a distance. The windows are not only two, but four or more. Meanwhile, small green trees grow nicely on the front yard. They give bold natural touch to the house. I’m sure that you have a desire to visit the house.
Mansard roof is even able to make a house to look like a castle. The third picture shows you this fact clearly. It’s an awesome big house with three floors or even more. The mansard roof is also big and awesome. It amazingly makes the house to be higher. You can find a few windows on the roof. Meanwhile, white pillars on the house’s porch create breathtaking look. If you have great budget to reconstruct your house, I suggest you to add it with mansard roof.

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