Sunday, 3 May 2015

Marvelous Stone Bathtub Designs to Bring Bold Natural Feel in Bathroom

Bathtub is a very popular bathroom fixture. It’s a large container used for holding water. Since the container is large, then a person can soak in it to bathe. Most bathtubs are made of ceramic, porcelain, or fiberglass. However, you can also find bathtub made of stone. Stone bathtub is the top choice for those who want to get bold natural feel in their bathrooms.

The first picture presents a low stone bathtub. Viewed at a glance, the stone bathtub looks like a boat. Although the bathtub is low, it’s deep and long enough to accommodate a person. Therefore, you can soak relaxingly in it. Stainless steel faucet gives modern touch to the stone bathtub.

In the second picture, you can see an awesome bathroom. Stone tiles in brown and gray colors decorate the bathroom floor and walls. An ellipse stone bathtub stands elegantly in the bathroom corner. It has captivating gray color. The outer part of the stone bathtub has rough surface that create very bold natural feel in the bathroom. However, the bathroom fixture amazingly also has modern look at the same time. It’s even featured with appealing stainless steel arch faucet. A white towel is draped on the bathtub.
Stone bathtub can also have round shape as you can see from the third picture. It’s an interesting round stone bathtub in black color. The bathroom fixture comes with stainless steel arch faucet. I think it can be very suitable to decorate a modern bathroom. Well, the round bathtub must also offer great comfort for the user. A wooden relaxing chair is even placed near it. After bathing, you can use the chair for sitting while reading magazine or book. If you’re a person who loves nature, don’t be hesitated to replace your existing bathtub with the one made of stone.

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