Sunday, 3 May 2015

Cute Cushion Combination Ideas for Sweetly Small Cottage Living Room

Do you have a cottage living room? Do you think that cottage style always identic with dingy and plain? I think it is not. It can be more adorable with a little decoration. Do you want to know some ideas to decorate it? Okay! Through this script, I will talk about cute cushion combination ideas for sweetly small cottage living room. Let’s check it!

In this picture, there is a small cottage living room. It has a cream beadboard, two white framed window and wooden floor in natural color. Then, you can put a cream sofa in front of he white framed windows. Two white cushions with flower patterns, a plum patterned cushion and a medium purple cushion can be put beautifully on it. This cushions combination idea looks very pretty. It really makes this cottage living room looks charming. Then, you can put a clear glass coffee table, a white chair and a patterned lavender sofa in front of the cream sofa. Then, this cottage living room becomes more adorable.

In the other picture, there is a small cottage living room with white wooden beadboard and rattan carpet. You can put a white smoke sofa in it. There is a single white shelf behind it. You can put some old books on it. Then, a rectangular rattan coffee table is put in front of the cream sofa. Some wooden tabletop can be put on it. This decoration really looks perfectly rustic. You can put a beautiful cushion combination on the cream sofa. This cushion combination consists of two white stripped cushions and two midnight blue cushions with silver flower patterns. Then, you can make this small cottage living room becomes more lively wonderful and calm.
It is just not too hard to decorate a sweetly small living room with cute cushion combination ideas. By combining some cushions in eye catchy colors or with flower patterns, surely your cottage living room becomes sweeter and prettier.

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