Sunday, 3 May 2015

Excellent Kids Room Decorating Ideas You Have to Know

Every kid is special. Therefore, you cannot treat all kids in the same way. When you meet a kid, you need to analyze his or her own personality. Then, you will know how to talk nicely with the kid. It’s the way you can have good relationship with the kid. Well, you also need to apply this principle when decorating a kid’s room.

Before you decorate a kid’s room, try to have cheerful conversation first with the kid. By doing this, then you will know the personality and interest of the kid. After that, you must be able to create a perfect room that fits the kid’s personality. If you meet a little boy who loves military, you may create a military-themed room for him. The first picture can be your inspiration. It’s a room with white walls and wooden floor. A small platform bed with wheels becomes centerpiece in the room. It’s complemented with green mattress and camo bedding set. Thus, there is interesting military theme in the room.

There are also many kids who love sea. Nautical-themed rooms certainly will be so perfect for them. The second picture shows you an example of nautical-themed room. Light blue paint color applies on the room walls while reminding you of the beauty of sea. A white boat-inspired bed frame with red and white striped duvet looks so attractive in the room. Small rug with boat image even lies on floor near the bed. Red and white striped curtains adorn the room windows.
The third picture shows you a lovely space-themed room for kid. The room has white and purple walls. The walls are decorated with spaceship and UFO decals. You can also find wall-mount cabinets and shelf in the room. Two cute alien dolls are put on the shelf. Below the shelf, there is an orange desk that integrates with a small wooden bed. The small wooden bed interestingly has multifunctional storage. Well, those are inspiring kid’s room decorating ideas. I hope they can help you to decorate a kid’s room perfectly.

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