Sunday, 3 May 2015

Beautiful and Cozy Small Contemporary Bathrooms

‘Size matters nothing.’ That’s one of the most popular quotes from Yoda (in Star Wars). Everyone loves the quote because it’s so inspiring and having sense of truth. Well, the same principle actually also applies for bathroom design. A bathroom with small size can still offer beauty and coziness if it’s designed properly. In this post, I want to display a few pictures of small contemporary bathrooms that must be able to impress you.

Okay, let’s see the first picture. It’s a small contemporary bathroom with white wall tiles. The white tiles have created very beautiful look in the bathroom. They also give bright and clean impression. Meanwhile, small frosted glass window lets in natural light. You can find a wall-mount mirror near the window. There are even lovely images of green grasses and pink flowers on lower part of the mirror. The mirror is used to pair a white floating sink. Laminate wooden tiles decorate the bathroom floor and creating bolder natural feel.

Moving to the second picture, there is an elegant small contemporary bathroom. However, the bathroom can still offer you great beauty. Small black rectangular tiles attach on the bathroom wall, creating elegant look. Wooden planks are installed on the floor. Although the bathroom is small, it’s able to accommodate a white bathtub with platform. The bathtub platform is also decorated with black tiles. A small glass vase of pink rose is put on the platform for giving it beautiful touch. Well, the bathroom also has sliding glass doors that offer you the view of balcony and tall green trees.
Beige square tiles decorate the floor and walls of the third small contemporary bathroom. The beige tiles have brought calming nuance. White bathtub with beige platform becomes the most appealing fixture in the bathroom. There is a wall-mount TV in front of the bathtub. While soaking in the bathtub, you certainly can also watch the TV comfortably. Floating vanity and white flush are the other main pieces in the bathroom. After seeing those beautiful and cozy small contemporary bathrooms, I only have one conclusion: size matters not!

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