Saturday, 2 May 2015

Chic Girl Dorm Room with Gorgeous Bedding Set Ideas

Hello! Are you a girl? Do you live in a dorm with your roommate? Do you like it? Why don’t you like it? Is it not good as your bedroom in your house? I think by decorating your dorm room, you will be more comfortable to live in it with your roommate.  In this post, I will tell you some ideas about gorgeous bedding set for chic girl dorm room.

In this picture, you can put two small beds in a girl dorm room. Both of them have high wooden legs. They also have black bead sheets and white patterned headboard. Then, you can put neatly a brown teddy bear, some red pillows, a black, a sky blue and a yellow pillow on the small beds. Of course it looks funky incredible. Next, these small beds are put face each other. Then, you can put a small desk between them. You can put a white table lamp which has same patterns with the white headboard on it. You also can hang a big black frame of wonderful photos on the white tiles beadboard. Finally, this girl dorm room really looks very awesome and really appropriate for teenagers especially for girls.

In the other picture, there is a girl dorm room. It has a big square window and pink beadboard. Then, you can put two small beds in front of the big square window. These small beds have white bed sheet. A pink patterned pillow, a white pillow and a brown pillow with flower patterns are put sweetly on each of the small beds. This bedding set idea surely looks beautifully matching with this girl dorm room. Then, you can put a small white beside table between the small beds. You can put some small white frames and a small pink table lamp. After all, this decoration idea make this girl dorm room becomes fabulously pretty and girly.
All right! Those are all ideas which I can tell to you. It is not hard, right? You can choose the funky one or the sweet one. Which one is your style? You can discuss it with your roommate. Actually, both of those ideas will make your girl dorm room becomes wonderfully gorgeous. Okay, have a nice decoration. Hope you and your roommate will like it.



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