Thursday, 9 July 2015

Exclusive Modern Bed Divan for Style and Storage

The divan is the base of a spring bed. Despite being the base of a bed, the divan can also accentuate the scheme of the room. Divan can also function as storage if drawers are built within it. Choosing the right divan to place your bedding or mattresses can be quite tricky, but all of that depends on how you want to highlight your most private place in the house.

One picture here shows a black and white master bedroom. The divan is an oval shape and is colored white. This white color gives perfect highlight for the black bed that rests on top of it. The divan is also equipped with headrest, and on the side of the divan, near the headrest, are simple bedside tables perfect for putting light fixtures or alarm clocks.

Another picture shows a modern dark brown wooden divan. This too is in contrast with the white mattress that lies on top of it. Then, to add more contrast to the scheme there are two black pillows and a grey blanket that is put on the mattress. This divan is also provided with a massive head rest.

In a different picture, shows a fashionable and massive looking grey divan. The color of this divan really matches the grey scheme of the room. To highlight the scheme of the room, an army green rug is put under the divan. A similar example shows a softer grey room contrasted with a divan with darker shades grey.
As it is said previously, divan can also function as storage. Here are a number of pictures of storage divans. First off all, there is this elegant brown divan with extra drawers on its sides. The next picture shows an exclusive purple divan with retractable drawers suitable to put extra pillows or blankets.

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