Thursday, 9 July 2015

Vibrant Yellow Bedroom Ideas For Fun and Cheerful People

In spite of being the most private space within the house, the bedroom still needs to be given a nice touch. For people who are enthusiastic, lively, cheerful, and happy, giving the yellow scheme to the bedroom is a good choice. This is mainly because yellow is the color of fun and illumination. Yellow also sparks hope and creativity.

Here is a picture of a boy’s bedroom with yellow accents on the bed, bookcase, and mat. The bed is a bunk bed, but there is only one mattress at the top. The lower part of the bed is empty and can function as a hideout. There are yellow curtains hanging down from the top part of the bed, with sleeves to place books or other stuffs. The bed sheet is also colored with vibrant yellow coloring. The round mat in the middle of the room is also colored in yellow.

Another picture shows a white room accentuated with orange and yellow colors, with twin beds suitable for twins. One bed is colored orange with yellow sheets, while the other applies the opposite coloring. Opposite coloring also applies on the wardrobes and desks. On the wall behind the beds, are writings saying, “Think happy… Be Happy.” The writings on the wall emphasize the nature of the yellow.
In a different picture, there is this classical master bedroom with vibrant yellow walls. This room is equipped with yellow curtains decorated with colorful flowers. In the room there is a queen size bed with yellow sheets and pillows. This bed is also covered with a white blanket, adding the vibrancy of the room. Then to add its beauty, there is a couple of pillows covered with flowery pillowcases that matches the curtains. In the corner of the room there is a light fixture with yellow lamp shade.

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