Thursday, 9 July 2015

Stylish Swedish Bedroom for Comfortable Living

Swedish style interior design puts forward simple and classy furniture. In a Swedish house, white scheme is maximally applied. Applying Swedish design to your bedroom would be very nice, and it would maximize the lighting job of the room.

The nature of Swedish design is to use simple furniture and home appliance, and because the room is in the attic, therefore a perfect use of even the most confined space will make the room look a lot more spacious. In a picture here shows a Swedish attic bedroom. There is a large bed with simple wooden frames under one side of the slanted ceiling. The bedcover, blanket and pillows utilize earth color tones. Opposite the bed, there is a wooden drawer with white marble table top and a medium size mirror. Across the hallway lies the bathroom, and in a small space between the bathroom and the bedroom is used as a closet.

Another picture shows a bedroom with a porch. In the middle of the room, a lush queen-size bed is located to a small simple square-shaped bedside table that is attached to the wall. The wall behind the bed is decorated with wallpaper of contemporary patterns.

A different picture shows yet another attic bedroom. In this bedroom, there is only a big bed covered in soft color sheets, and blankets. To the right of the bed are exposed beams, and in between those beams are put a long flat glass to small peripheral things. During daytime, this simple room is lit by the sun’s ray coming from the window, but during night time, the room is lit by small yellow lights attached to the ceiling and walls.
The last picture shows a white bedroom with minimalist furniture put separately from one another, creating a spacious void within the room. In one side is the bed covered in white sheets. To accentuate the whiteness of the bed, there are vibrant pink pillows. Above the bed is a colorful painting hung on the wall; and under the bed is a royal carpet.

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