Monday, 6 July 2015

The Beauty Nuance in a Room by Applying Yellow Sofa

Every color has its own power in showing certain accent in the furniture application. It matches with this post that will focus on yellow sofa that gives fresh, elegant, and cozy atmosphere. The first inspiring example is shown in the elegance living room that has covered wall in seamless blue pattern. There is single yellow sofa that has comfy back rest and arm rest. It is decorated by fancy pillows. This yellow sofa well complemented by floor lamp with golden holder and yellow lamp shade. This yellow accent has created wonderful comfy atmosphere.

The next example is seen in the open spaced vintage living room. In here, there is yellow single sofa with narrow black wooden stools. This yellow sofa has thick seat with curved arm rest and comfy back rest. Since this sofa is placed in the open space concept with soft color tone, it dominates the whole space. Then, the next one is a very wonderful design that combines the soft and strong accent.

It is a white living room that has long single sofa, drawer, and fur rug. In here, the interior is dominated by yellow accent that shown by single yellow sofa, yellow stand lamp, table, bi-fold tufted divider, and framed mirror. That white living room has dominated by yellow nuance that actually create fresh atmosphere through these combinations.

The white wall living room is also shown in the next example. It is white wall painted living room that has white element entire the room space. It has yellow sectional sofa in its center space that catches the eye. Its yellow accent is beautified by brown stripes on its pillows. They are set in proper placement that considers the comfort of its back rest, while there is extra pillow on its arm rest. Those examples have proven that yellows sofa could bring good effect for refreshing the room space because of its power and eye catching appearance.

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