Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Modern Stylist Living Room

Among all rooms in a house, the living room is particularly highlighted. It is usually the room that is decorated the most spectacular one. If you are looking for ideas of how to design and decorate your living room, so here are some samples of modern living rooms.

Let’s start with the first picture. Here you can see a contemporary living room designed in a minimalist style. This living room has white wall with a large glass window on it covered with a sheer roll-up blind. It is obviously seen that white color dominates the theme of this living room. Contemporary living room furniture equips this room. The main focus of this room is a set of cozy couch set. It is a set of contemporary couch set with thick gray futon as its seats and backs. A staircase coffee table is placed on a gray rug in the middle of the room. On one of the walls, there is standing a large bookcase painted in black color. There are a lot of books arranged in it. Next to the seat or placed in between two seats there is a glass-top one-leg side table with a desk lamp on it. Even though it is a simple design, however, the contemporary furniture has made this living room become a cozy room.

The next picture shows a sample of cozy living room design. This room has a very wide glass wall with a white sheer curtain covering from the ceiling to the bottom of the wall. Near the glass wall there is two palm trees planted in a black rock pot. There is placed a set of corner sofa as one of contemporary furniture inside that living room. This sofa is made of fabric material in charcoal gray color. On that sofa are eight cushions, which four of them are covered with a white cushion case while the other four with a floral motif black cushion case. In the middle of the room there is a checkered motif carpet placed under a brown coffee table. The last but not least, a contemporary standing lamp is placed behind the corner of the sofa to complete the coziness of the modern stylist living room.

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