Sunday, 25 October 2015

Galley Kitchen Design Ideas with Dominant White Palette

What does kitchen looks like that you want? Generally, people confuse with their kitchen design. It is caused by the people less of information about kitchen design ideas. There are many kitchen designs recently both for small and large kitchen. One of them is galley kitchen design. It is simple with and easy to be decorated. Firstly is monochromatic galley kitchen design idea. The kitchen units are placed in both side of the wall. It means that there is vacant space in the middle. People allow to using it for dining area. Modest small Kitchen Island is place nearby the window. Then, it is added with white stools. 

One of the kitchen units is addressed for sink and another is for electric stove. After that, inhabitant allow to adding bulb pendant lamps above cabinet storage for sink. Furthermore, galley kitchen design still uses white palette. Dual kitchen units with brown countertop are in both sides of the wall. In the middle space is decorated with round white dining table and also chairs. Nevertheless, there is black beat fat suspended light above the dining area. The next is narrow small galley kitchen design ideas. Middle space is integrated with outdoor entryway. Then, white kitchen unit for cooking and refrigerator is overlooking massive wall shelf.

Modern large galley kitchen design uses extra-long white Kitchen Island. Soft white led light ideas are on the bottom of this Island table. Then, it is accompanied with stylish bar stools. In front of the Kitchen Island is for Contemporary dining area with big wooden table and green padded armless chairs. The kitchen itself is completed with great white kitchen unit, stainless chimney extractor fan, and refrigerator. Besides that, there is vibrant red backsplash between wall cabinet and low cabinet for stove. In addition, this galley kitchen design use open plan home that is overlooking staircase and living area.

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