Monday, 4 May 2015

Freshly Modern Kitchen with Ceramic Tile Backsplash Ideas

Hello! Now I want to talk about kitchen design. What design do you like for your kitchen? Do you want to have a modern kitchen with fresh nuance? Don’t be worry. Through this post, I will tell you some ideas about ceramic tile backsplash for freshly modern kitchen.

In this design, there is a kitchen. You apply the backsplash in this kitchen in sky blue ceramic tiles. Then you can patch a small white light above it. So, it will look like shiny ice cubes. Surely, it makes this kitchen feels wonderfully cold.  It also can be more perfect. First, you can apply the countertop in grey color. Next, a silver washbasin can be put on it. Then, you can hang some white kitchen storages on the sky blue ceramic tiles beadboard. You also can put some of them under the grey countertop. After all, this kitchen becomes really incredible and modern with all of these integrations.

In the other design, here is a kitchen. It has an L shape. It also has white smoke countertop. There are some white wooden kitchen storages on the white beadboard an under the white smoke countertop. Between the white wooden storages, there is a medium window. You can enjoy the fresh air through it. You can decorate a stainless steel washbasin in front of it. Then, you can apply the backsplash here with ceramic tiles in assorted color. This assorted color consists of orange, white, cyan green, black and grey color. Of course, it will make this kitchen becomes cheerfully colorful. You also can make it more perfectly fresh and natural with a glass vase of green plants. It can be put on the corner of the white smoke countertop.
Well, it is not too hard to decorate a freshly modern kitchen with ceramic tile backsplash ideas, right? You can apply it in so many kinds of color which represent a nuance you want to build. If you want to get freshly cold nuance you can choose sky blue color. For freshly cheerful you can use some bright color. It is simple, right? For the next step, you can follow those ideas. Have a fun decoration!

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