Monday, 4 May 2015

Nice Kitchen Lighting Over Table Design

No matter how is the beauty of a girl, if she stays in darkness sure no one can see her beauty. This analogy matches to our house without good lighting design; no one can see the beauty of our room. Here, we will start with your kitchen by kitchen lighting over table.

In the first picture, we will see simple kitchen design by simple lighting concept with single hanging lamp application. For the lamp, choose the yellow-lighted lamp to be applied in your simple kitchen design. To give artistic touch, complete it with some carving ornament in your lamp then use chain to hang your lamp over the table.

The second picture shows us the modern kitchen nuance within cozy luxurious hanging lamp application as the kitchen lighting design. Since it is luxurious kitchen design, apply three lamps in one hanging lamp is not the bad idea. To bring more modern and luxurious nuance, white color finishing and chrome ornament are the best way to make it comes true. In what table is this good to be applied? You can match it with black dining table design and both the beauty or modernity will be yours.

If you are tired to see usual kitchen lighting, it is okay to set big-tubular kitchen lighting design with hanging lamp. Here, white color finishing is still well applied and it will make your tubular hanging lamp design gets the futuristic design. Even you can apply two tubular lamps for your wooden dining table. In addition, this kind of design is usually matched to simple-open kitchen design with many glass applications inside.
Finally, all of them will not be the reality and you will not see the real beauty of your kitchen lighting over table design. Well, just brave yourself to try the kitchen lighting design and let your kitchen shines in the beautiful kitchen lighting design.

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