Thursday, 7 May 2015

Black Fireplace Mantel Ideas for Elegant Fireplace

Do you want to have an amazing fireplace? Then, you have to pay attention of the design in every detail part of a fireplace. One of them is fireplace mantel. Sometimes, people do not too pay attention in it. However, with a right combination, this small part of a fireplace can decide the style of a fireplace.  Okay! Some ideas about black fireplace mantel for elegant fireplace can be found in this article.

In this design, there is a grey tiles fireplace in a room. You can hang a big black LED television on it. There are also a dark wooden cabinet in the right and left side of it. You can put a red glass vase of brown branches on the dark wooden cabinet. This grey tiles fireplace has a square mantel in a black color. It looks really perfectly match with the big black LED television and the dark wooden cabinet. It also looks elegantly modern. Then, you can combine it with the rosy brown beadboard and wheat marble floor. After all, this fireplace looks very simple and impressively calm with all of these combinations.

In the other picture, there is a room with light sky blue beadboard. You can put a white fireplace in front of the light sky blue beadboard. This white fireplace has black wrought iron mantel. It looks very classic. It will be more amazing with a gold framed mirror. It has a circle shape. It can be hang above the white fireplace. Then, you can put some small photo with white frame on it. Next, you also can put a steel blue sofa beside the white fireplace. A white fur cushion can be put on it. Finally, this white fireplace becomes luxury cool and glam with all of these decorations.

Have you gotten the ideas? What do you think? Of course, it is very attractive. It is also possible for you to follow those ideas. You can have modern and classic styles with a black fireplace mantel idea. Which one do you prefer? Just choose one of them and start to have a decoration. Hope you satisfy with it! 

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