Thursday, 7 May 2015

Creating Zebra Print Bedroom Decoration

Zebra is the most unique and interesting animal I have ever seen. It has black-white alluring pattern on its full of body. Nowadays, you can find a lot of furniture with zebra print, right? Through this article, I would like to talk about creating zebra print bedroom decoration, and here we go!

Bright bedroom decoration would make you fresher in your own bedroom. Evergreen plain bedroom wall looks very harmonious with bright wooden floor. Large white soft bed in the middle of the room looks perfect if you complete it with a lot of different size and color pillows; three black large, two white smaller, two black-white smaller than the white and a green smallest one. Extra-large zebra print soft carpet under the bed looks incredibly harmonious with long green soft chair near the bed. Rectangle silver mirror above the bed would make your bedroom looks more incredible. Add a medium black night table beside the bed; don’t forget to add a simple dark night lamp on it. You can also add a unique hefty shelf in front of modern white window. Complete it with a couple of green-black chair beside the shelf. Brown modern fan on the plain rooftop would make your bedroom better.

You can also make a full zebra painting bedroom decoration. Install zebra wall, carpet, and also blanket on your room. Old laminating floor looks match with two black hefty modern shelves. For the more girly one, you can use pink-zebra print bed with blanket and bed sheet compatible with the bed. Zebra-pink ornamental wall looks appropriate with night lamp compatible with the bed. Laminating floor is the best floor’s choice ever.
Well, you can also use zebra print and mixt it with other colors like Tosca-black, blue-zebra, and also pink-zebra. It would make your decoration looks more interesting and beautiful.

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