Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Classy Wall Mirrors for Splendid Living Rooms

rectangle wall mirror
The living room is the space in the house where guests are entertained and greeted; that is why most living rooms are interestingly designed and exclusively decorated. To add the stylishness of the living room, sometimes wall mirrors are chosen. Wall mirrors cannot just reflect light, but it can also accentuate the beauty of the room, as well create a spacious sense of the room.

Wall mirrors come in all shapes and designs. There are pictures here that show interesting wall mirror designs that may inspire you. The first picture is a light blue living room with classical sofas, an armchairs, and coffee tables. On one of its walls, there are three vintage golden framed mirrors of different shapes and size. The mirror in the middle is rectangular and is placed sideways. The mirror on its right is another rectangular mirror placed upright. And the one on the left is a square mirror.
Another picture shows a turquoise living room with fancy and vintage soft pink sofa and armchairs as well as cream ottomans. On the right, there is a Pauli wall mirror hanging near a soft pink curtain. The wall mirror looks extra stylish and adds the old-fashioned sense of the room.
A different picture shows a contemporary polygonal Pauli wall mirror. This mirror looks very stylish and is very suitable with the simplistic design of the living room. Another example of a easy Pauli mirror is shown in an open living room with elegant black sofas surrounding a glass coffee table. The round Pauli mirror hanging on the wall to the left of the room looks very smart and sexy.
There is this picture of a simple living room with a simple wooden sofa. Above the sofa, hanging on the wall, is an oval wooden mirror. The mirror and the sofa under it shares the same theme as the light fixtures flanking them.

modern wall mirror

wall mirror living room

horizontal wall mirror

modular wall mirror

round wall mirror

elegant wall mirror with pottery area rug

luxury wall mirror

masculine oval wall mirror

round frosted glass wall

round frame less wall

unique round wall mirror

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