Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Brilliant Ideas for Small Bathroom Spaces

free standing bathtub
Designing a bathroom interior really depends on the space provided. If it is in an apartment, having a design for an elaborate toilet with lots of stand-alone furniture is not very appropriate. On the other hand if you have a very spacious living space in your home, designing a bathroom with compact furniture will only make the room look very empty. Therefore, I now would like to show you some brilliant designs of bathroom interior designs for limited spaces.

First of all, there is this picture of an apartment bathroom. The scheme of this bathroom is brown and cream. The vanity is very compact and stretches along the whole interior of the bathroom. There is a shower at the end of the room with wooden plank floor. A small sitting toilet is attached to the wall before the shower, and above the vanity is a large mirror. A different picture shows another apartment bathroom. There is this white flush toilet in one corner and the sink which is located right near it. Above the sink is a mirror. Behind the toilet and the sink is a window covered in blinds. As you can see from the mirror, the shower is located opposite of the sink. On the wall near the sink is a single hook to hang robes.

Another picture shows yet another small bathroom. In spite of its small size, this bathroom looks very spacious, that is because it is aided by the perfect placement of the tub, toilet, vanity, and cabinet. To the right, there is this free-standing white bathtub. Behind the tub is the flush toilet. Opposite to the tub and toilet are the vanity, sink, and cabinet. At the end of the room is a large window, and under the window is an electric heater which also functions as a towel bar. To make the bathroom look spacious and graceful, a simple but beautiful chandelier hangs above the room.

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