Sunday, 1 November 2015

Stylish Out-of-the-box DIY Bookcases and Shelves

Sometimes when you buy a bookcase or a bookshelf in the store and bring it to your home, you find it that what you have purchased does not match the scheme of your home. Even when you force to put it on your wall will only ruin the mood of the home, or even ruin your mood. Till this point you would probably have an idea to make your own bookshelf or bookcase. Some of the pictures here might inspire you to make your own personal do-it-yourself bookcase.

Making DIY bookcases can boost your creativity, you can use at whatever material you have. For example, there is this one picture showing an out-of-the-box DIY bookshelf made out of used crates or wooden boxes that are piled and arranged in such a way. The crates chosen for this work are from different sizes and colors. Another example shows a DIY bookshelf made of used crates and second hand wooden drawers. Those boxes and drawers are piled up, arranged, and glued up together to make an awesome and artistic shelf.

Another example that utilizes secondhand objects is in a picture showing a secondhand kitchen cabinet and kitchen counter. These objects are transformed to be bookshelves and computer desks. A different picture shows a bookcase made of used iron pipes. The pipes are arranged in such a way so it creates a stylish and intricate design of bookshelf. Meanwhile, one other picture shows a series of white wooden planks attached to the walls. The spaces between each of the shelf is arranged starting from the small spaces at the top—for smaller books—to wider spaces at the bottom for bigger books.

If you want to make more futuristic kind of shelf, you can refer to a picture showing simplistic and modern white and turquoise shelf. What is unique with this shelf is that the second storey and the third storey are shaped like a conversation bubble. The shelf looks very futuristic, simple, yet still fashionable and cute.

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