Monday, 2 November 2015

Stunning Red Door Ideas to Energize the Home

The color red is warm and energizing. It is the color of passion, and action, also physical movements. Red awakens our physical life force, thus making us spirited and ready for any physical activities. Having the red color in the house gives extra energy to homeowners.

The red color can be applied as home scheme or theme. It can also be applied to a certain feature in the house such as window frames, tabletops, or doors. Red doors can boost the life energy or passion. 

Homeowners who like to cook or create new recipes might be very much interested to imitate a sample picture here that shows a red kitchen door. The red color of the door will boost passion to be more creative. A different picture shows a whimsical living room with cream-colored sofas and colorful cushions. In this room, there is a red door leading outside. This red door gives vibrant touch to the room. It also energizes everybody who comes in and out of the room. There is another example of another red door heading outside; this time the door leads to a patio at the side of the house. This red door with extra large glass windows gives a vibrant touch of the house. 

Another picture here shows an apartment bedroom that is located next to the living room. This apartment in colored in white, but in order to emphasize a certain feature, in this case the wardrobe/closet door, red is used. A similar example of the color red as an affirmation is shown in a picture of a classical kitchen. Red is used to announce the door leading to the kitchen’s back verandah. In the kitchen, there are also some features that are colored red, i.e. the wall hangings under the clock and the kitchen stool’s cushion.

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