Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Luxurious Bathroom Vanity Ideas

What would a bathroom be without its vanity? It would be empty, uninteresting, and lacking of storage space to put toiletries and towels. Bathroom vanities also give a touch of excellence and beauty to the bathroom. Sometimes, bathroom vanities are also equipped with wall mirrors.

One picture here shows a very large bathroom with a wooden vanity with a cabinet and a drawer. There is a glass sink on top of it and a shiny faucet. On top of the vanity, there is a large mirror with an extra light above. A different picture shows a black vanity with lots of cabinets. The top of the vanity is a white marble sink, and above it there is a rectangular mirror with matching frames.

There is also a picture of a classical white vanity with a cabinet on each of its sides flanking two drawers. Above the vanity is a white classical mirror with exclusive carvings, very beautiful and elegant. A similar example is illustrated in a brownish bathroom with contemporary vanity and mirror.

In a different picture, there is a pretty large white vanity with black tops and two sinks. There is a number of cabinets and drawers, and at the bottom part, there is a shelf to put toiletries or towels. Above the two sinks, there are two mirrors with simple white frames.

Meanwhile, another picture shows a small classic black vanity with classical faucet and a small white sink. There is no mirror above this vanity. A similar example is shown in a picture of a dark brown country style vanity. This vanity is accentuated by a white sink and white doorknobs.

Speaking about country style vanities, there is this one picture that shows an exclusive dark brown country style vanity with extra large cabinets and three drawers in the middle. On top of it are two faucets and two sinks. Above this vanity are two stylish classical wall mirrors.

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