Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Pleasing to the Eye Posh Bathroom Interior Designs

So far, there are many types of bathroom, such as classical, futuristic, contemporary, country style, and many more. Among the available styles, the posh bathroom designs combine extravagance and classic concepts. No matter how big your bathroom is, using posh bathroom ideas will add a touch of excellence to your home. Now, I would like to describe posh bathroom designs to apply in your homes.

I’m going to start off with a small but beautiful bathroom. This posh bathroom has a classical bathtub right in the center of the room. Next to it is a sweet cream-colored wicker chair. At one corner of the room, next to the window is an elegant white partition. Next to the window is a simple looking sink and a towel bar.

A different picture shows a luxurious and elegant dry bathroom. Its walls and floor is covered in grayish marble. There is a free-standing white bathtub that is located near a large window. Another example of a bathroom with a free-standing tub is illustrated perfectly in picture of a seaside house. It shows a contemporary white bathroom with shiny stools and simple sink to the sides. The tub is located next to a large sliding door that leads to a verandah facing the open ocean. Meanwhile, another picture shows an oval shape free standing tub with shiny faucet and is located in a pleasing to the eye white marble bathroom. The tub is also located near a window with dark blue window frames.

Posh bathroom doesn’t always have to be having free-standing tub. A picture here shows a dry bathroom with a large rectangular mirror foreshadowing a large bathroom vanity with two sinks. To the left of the vanity, there is a graceful alcove bathtub located under a large window. This bathroom has perfect lighting job, so that it looks very bright inside.

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