Friday, 30 October 2015

Mini-maximized Studio Apartment Designs

Decorating a studio apartment is not like decorating a house or a bedroom. When you decorate a studio apartment, you need to be careful not only when selecting your furniture, but also when decorating it. You have to set your studio apartment, not only for a bedroom, but also for a living room. Here are two samples of how to decor a minimalist studio apartment.

The first picture shows a design of a small studio apartment. This studio apartment furniture arrangement is very effective so that it looks elegant. This studio has a white wall and wooden furniture. A small storage bed is placed on the corner just under the glass window. The bed has a wooden frame with a mattress on in. There are some cushions placed on it so that this bed can also function as a couch. Next to the bed, in series there are a study table set together with a stacking chair and a cupboard. Above the bed and the table there are two wall shelves painted in white color. This room has a wooden floor which color is similar to the roll-up blind that cover the window. It is such a nice sample of simple elegant studio apartment.

Still in minimalist studio apartment design, the second picture shows a more complete studio apartment room arrangement. This studio apartment has white wall and a carpet is covering the whole area of the floor. In the corner of the room there is placed a big comfortable bed covered with a white purple-floral comforter. Attached to the bed there is a dark brown wooden display cabinet, which also functions as a divider. This cabinet has many pigeon holes and some drawers on its bottom. Divided by the cabinet, there is a space that is set as a living room with a white love chair and table in front of it. Facing the sofa, there is a white cabinet with a television put on it. Lastly, a wooden cabinet is placed behind the sofa as another divider of the room. As the result, you can see a minimalist cozy studio apartment.

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