Thursday, 29 October 2015

Attractive and Wonderful Bunk Beds

One of the things that determine someone’s sleeping quality is the comfort of the bed. Thus, it is determined by the bed itself. When talking about bunk bed we usually think of camp cot, and it is usually identical with uncomfortable place to sleep. But, you will surely change your mind if you see these pictures showing some attractive bunk bed samples.
For a glance, you would realize that you are staring at a picture of bunk bed here. Yes, it is because here is shown an attractive and wonderful bunk bed. It is one of modern bunk bed designed for both boy and girl. Unlike the general bunk bed, this attractive bunk bed is arranged like terraced houses with reduced size. Bunk bed is a part of bedroom furniture set. This bunk bed is attached to a large white wardrobe which is standing in the corner of the room. The bottom bed is like a regular bed with mattress and wheels on its four legs. The upper bed is placed at the top of the second level place. There is red stairs as the access to go to the upper bed instead of ladder. Uniquely, the stairs also function as cabinet because it serves a drawer in each step. 

Another picture shows a stylist bunk bed. It is a wonderful design of a wooden cabin bunk bed. Rather than a bed, it looks even more like a tiny wooden house instead. Overall, this bunk bed looks like a big wooden box with two windows on one of its sides. Inside each of those windows is a room where there is lying a mattress with a pillow to sleep. It is even completed with a light blue curtain in each window. As an access to reach the upper bed, there is a wooden ladder attached on the cabin. The outer side of the bunk bed is functioning as a display cabinet. You can see there are photo frames with some images in it, chess board and ant other stuff displayed there.

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