Friday, 2 October 2015

Luxurious Compact Red Kitchen Designs

There are red shirts, red shoes, red bags, but what about the red kitchen? It may sound an unusual idea, but if you look at these pictures, you will surely agree that the kitchen with red design can be an interesting idea.

It is a picture of an excellent red kitchen design. Kitchen itself has a minimalist modern design, but the striking red color it has makes this kitchen look attractive. This kitchen has a floor with a combination of wood and ceramics and so do the wall and the ceiling. It is a modern kitchen with both wall cabinets and base cabinets painted in glossy maroon with gray marbled counter top. In addition to the cabinets, in the middle of the kitchen there is a long wooden kitchen table. The table is black and equipped with chairs of the same color.

The next picture shows a kitchen with a more compact design idea. This is a red kitchen design idea which is modern and luxurious. At the end of the room, there is a kitchen cabinet set in a bright red color. The kitchen cabinet is flanked by two white walls. On both walls are wide glass windows. Not only for cabinet, but the window sills are also painted in red color. In the middle of the kitchen area there is a kitchen island that is red with white counter top. On the right side of the kitchen island there is a kitchen table. It is a long white long kitchen table with a brown bar chair. To complete the overall design ideas of this red modern kitchen, there is a pantry with the red door next to the kitchen table. So, if you decide to take on a red color theme to decorate your kitchen, maybe these pictures could help.


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