Friday, 16 October 2015

Attractive Window Seat with Cushions Ideas

Are you thinking of a place to spend your leisure time in your home? If talking about a place to relax at home, we usually will think about the terrace, porch, patio, or even a living room. But there is one more spot that could be used as a comfortable place to relax. Yes, it is a window seat. You can decorate your window seat into a comfortable place to relax. These are some pictures showing the idea of ​​designing and decorating your window seat to be amazing.

Let’s start from the simplest picture. There you can see a white window seat decorated with some colorful cushions. The color of the wall, window frames, sills, divan and mattress are all white. On the right and left side of the window seat are two cabinets which are also in white. What make it be an attractive window seat are the curtains and cushions. You can see there is white curtain with orange stripes hanging on the window. The cushions placed on the seat are also brightly colored. Those cushions are covered with orange, white, and pink patterned cover.

There is also a sample picture of simple and elegant window seat with cushion. This window seat cot is the dark brown colored similar to the color of the window sills. This window seat looks elegant due to the combination of a white mattress, white cushion, and the walls as well.
And the last picture shows a window seat with bright cushions. The walls around the windows all are pink colored while the ceiling and the window are white painted. On the right and left side of the seat are wall shelves facing the seat. The mat used is pink with small stripes of green and orange. The same theme as the mattress, the cushions are covered with striped cloth of red, green and so is the curtain. Thus, those are some sample ideas of how to decorate your window seat with cushions.

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