Thursday, 28 May 2015

Small Studio Apartment Round Up for Bachelor

Live in apartment is very exciting for people because they no need to make the house by them. Besides that, live in apartment give extraordinary effect. They are going to supposing as rich man and have high lifestyle. Apartment is divided into two is that small and large apartment. Not all people are able to buying large apartment. So, they only buy small apartment. Alongside that, small apartment is practice for bachelor people and of course economize. Well, this article is focus on the small studio apartment design with open plan ideas. Bright small studio apartment uses yellow light of bulb hidden lamps and led perimeter ideas.

Neutral color of brown laminate floor will give warm for the living area. Cream wooden desk is aside of the sofa. Nook shelf and long television desk are overlooking modest coffee table plus sofa. In the right side of the living area is decorated for small workspace. Blue and gauzy window curtains plus air conditioner give cool nuance for this apartment. Furthermore is calming small studio apartment design. It is dominated with white color. Nearby framed window, it is decorated with black and white wooden table plus chairs for dining area. The third is colorful small studio apartment with spacious looks.
Vibrant red wall painting is mixed with neutral grey palette. Stylish white pendant lamps are overlooking living and dining area. Black and white spectrum is visualized on the square coffee table in front of ergonomic red sofa. Then, it can be found on the big wall unit for television. Besides that, floating table for display and dining furniture also apply these tones. As the information that this apartment uses brown laminate floor and two standing electronic equipment. Lastly is shabby chic small studio apartment with white wall painting. Kitchen is designed with black tile backsplash and white wooden cabinet in front of the dining area. Round white table and cream wooden chairs are as dining furniture is behind black living room sofa. The living room is also completed with shelf and mounting television.

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