Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Creative Bookshelf Design with Futuristic Style for Your Home Library Idea

Where we will find bookshelf at home? Of course the answer is in the living room, bedroom, and maybe in the home office area. Today, there are many bookshelves designs that are unique and attractive. Creative bookshelf design will be good topic in this article. Cool bookshelf design ideas in teen bedroom ideas. The first bookshelf is designed simple above platform bed. Another is designed with modular shaped on the brown wall. These bookshelves are decorated with white wall clock and table for amber acrylic table lamp. Furthermore is creative bookshelf in workspace where it has undulating shape. This wooden bookshelf attaches on the wall and integrate with small computer desk. Red chair is added to add the uniqueness of workspace design.

Astounding modern bookshelves design ideas are in the form of round and undulating. These bookshelves are on the wall overlooking with management chair, yellow rug, and floor displays. Next is awesome creative bookshelf with simple looks. Blue and white wooden bookshelf is designed with small nooks. Then, it is decorated with office chair and potted plant. Beautiful creative bookshelf design is with white and modular shape. It is attached on the red wall with vertical and horizontal arrangement. Besides that, it is added with small floor display.
Monochromatic white bookshelf design use small poster and put on the floor. Then, it is aside of accent chair and laminate floor. Creative brown equilibrium bookcase with slide stacks design. It is placed above grey fluffy rug and it is mixed with white wall painting. Fancy minimalist bookshelf with four levels is combined wood and metal frames. Creative bookshelf design is hanged on the wall with round and wavy shape. It is above mounting television and wooden cabinet. Besides that, it is overlooking living room lounge and glass top coffee table. The last is creative massive round bookshelf as window frame. It is combined with colorful wall painting, chandelier, and wicker hammock.

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