Sunday, 24 May 2015

Experiments with L-Shape Bunk Beds

If you are looking for a solution over your kid's small room while at the same time you want them to occupy the same room, the L-shape bunk beds can be one of many solutions we could offer. The beds are not parallelised, giving your kids a lot of room to move. We have found a few samples regarding to the L-shape bunk beds, which hopefully meet your preference.

Young girls appreciate the airy nuance radiating from the chic and cheery palette colour, which usually consists of pink and white, neutral tones and any other additional colours. Your little princess would love the drama their room is giving thanks to the heavy furniture littered around the space. As a start, you may search for the custom-made modern L-shape bunk bed, which is completed with cabinetries. The tall cabinetry performs as the cupboard for clothes stands to its full height on the right side, while the bookshelf and storage cabinetry is tucked in under the upper bed. On the left side, there are cabinets piled up, mimicking the steps on the stairs. The whole room is garnished in white, pink and lavender purple.

Older girls might fall in love with the simpler design of your experimenting with the L-shape bunk beds, even though your girls are the only child in the room. The L-shape bunk bed does not have to serve as beds. You can turn the lower level into a long, comfortable sofa, especially if you pile up cushions instead of pillows. Let the lower level be your girls relaxing spots. You can most certainly place dressers under the upper level and light it up with a traditional anglepoist lamp for reading, accompanying the country style bedroom in a cute combination of lavender, lemon chiffon and light wooden tone.

In short, there are many things we can do with L-shape bunk bed. It is because the lower level provide quite a space for movement and mostly, because it has the other bed to play with.

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