Friday, 8 May 2015

Classical Unique Window Treatment

Window is an important part of modern housing. Its main function is for ventilation and lighting matter. Are they enough? Will you try to bring beautiful room design with unique window treatment? Just check this article and find the way you can do.

The first picture shows us the nice-classical unique window treatment with wooden bars application. In this kind of design, open style window with two doors is the best mate ever. For the color, light-wooden color nuance is the good thing to be applied in your wooden-classical unique window treatment. To strengthen your classical design, set a half-circle window shape to be applied. Sure, unusual shape will be naturally looked to be classical even artistic.

Then, in the second picture we will be with classical unique-luxurious window treatment. Apply the window itself as tall as your wall you will get the classical castle nuance. For the color, white color application is the best because it can represent both the modernity and classical nuance inside. Well, for the completion you can put a half-circle additional part above your window then it will make your window looks wider and bigger. To beautify your classical-unique castle window design, curtain application can be matched over there. If you still get problem about position, it can be set in the corner area.
In the third picture, there is beautiful big-unique window treatment with unique curtain application. Choose the unique floral curtain application to protect your window. While it gets the protection, it also gets the beautiful completion inside. Two color glass application for your big-size window is not the bad idea.  In the top side, blue glass color application is nice then in the bottom side you could apply white transparent glass application. Well, it is the time to get the real beautiful unique window treatment to your room. 

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