Friday, 8 May 2015

Beautiful Shelf Decorating Ideas

Saving book collections must not in very big bookshelves. It also could be saved in your minimal bookshelf design with recycle stuffs. What it will be? Beautiful shelf decorating ideas might be your way to escape from usual bookshelves design.

In the first picture, we will meet with beautiful-simple shelf decorating design. You can use pipe tube recycling stuffs to build your beautiful-simple shelf decorating ideas. To avoid the bad nuance, you can finish it with black color application. Yes, it is just simple shelf decorating ideas but it will be very unique shelf decorating concept. You even do not need to add more any completion because it is beautiful already.

Move to the third picture, there is beautiful shelf decorating nuance with bamboo application as your shelf pool. Apply three bamboos in each side and you do not need to adhere it permanently in your wall. In the other hand, your bamboo-shelf decorating will be portable. For the color, white color application is not the bad idea for your unique shelf decorating. It is also succeed to make you have artistic bookshelf design in your room.

Let’s go to the third picture, you can find unique shelf decorating design with the mix of cabinet application in one place. Just apply your cabinet design in the middle of your shelf decoration ideas then you can use the space beside your cabinet to put your books and your collections. Finish it with some glittering color applications to bring modern nuance to your unique-multifunctional shelf design. Well, in order to have more nuance, you can also apply that kind of shelf decoration in long shape design. Still, you can apply the cabinet too in the middle of your long shelf design.
Well, there is no more important thing to apply it directly in order to find the real beauty of your beautiful shelf decorating ideas. Still in doubt to do that? I wish the answer is no.

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