Thursday, 16 April 2015

Nice Partition with Sliding Room Dividers

If your room is quite large, partition is very important. Great partition idea can maximize your room space and give you a more organized interior. Using sliding room divider is one of some tricks you can try to have a nice partition. In this post, let’s see how some sliding room dividers can create great partition ideas in room interior. For clearer description, let’s see the image section below.

Look at this fascinating beach bedroom. The bedroom offers such beautiful outdoor view through its large glass windows. In addition, this bedroom also has a stunning black platform bed with white headboard. To separate this bedroom from the living room, the designer used a stylish sliding room divider. This room divider looks so fascinating with its natural image. Furthermore, this sliding room divider also has sleek chrome frames and metal gliders for easy slide.

Moving on to the next picture, we will see another bedroom idea. The bedroom has refreshing nuance with its yellow wall treatment. The glass windows also look so stylish with transparent curtains. This sleek modern bedroom uses a modern sliding room divider to separate it from the bathroom. This glass room divider uses strong tempered glass that is combined with textured glass. In addition, this sliding room divider also offers contemporary look with its gray tone. This room divider is very useful to divide the bathroom and the bedroom.
Next, we have dining room interior. To part the dining room and the kitchen, the homeowner chose a very appealing sliding room divider. This white room divider is made of fiberboard material. Moreover, this white room divider also has some cool flower patterns in its design. Furthermore, it also blends nicely with the white color scheme in this dining room. Overall, all the sliding room dividers don’t only part the room well, but also gives a point of interests in each room.

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