Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Cozy and Relaxing Backyard Designs Feature with Pools and Outdoor Kitchens

adorable backyard design with bricks hot tub above pool near outdoor kitchen patio with pergola and pyramid tile roofing

We all want to have a well-designed backyard to spend our relax time. To improve your backyard, you can add some features such as pool and outdoor kitchen. These two things will make your backyard cozier and more sociable. With pool and outdoor kitchen, you can invite some friends to come over or throw a party in it. Here are some inspirations of backyard designs with pool and outdoor kitchen for you.

What an outdoor we see in this first picture. This backyard design is totally awesome. You can see a mini outdoor pool featured in this backyard. The pool even has cool lighting system to make it looks awesome in the night. In the corner, you will spot a cozy area completed with two classic armchairs and a traditional firepit. Moreover, across this area, the backyard also offers a cozy outdoor kitchen. This kitchen uses a U-shaped cabinetry with some iron stools in front of it.

Moving on to the next backyard, we can also see a nice design here. This backyard features an adorable white wooden pergola. Right under the pergola, you will see an outdoor kitchen set. This outdoor kitchen uses traditional brick cabinetry that is installed with some kitchen appliances. Beside the kitchen, there is a dining area with an iron black table and some iron dining chairs. This dining area looks cozier with its white parasol. Moreover, this fascinating place also offers a small pool with relaxing greenery around it.

We still have one more backyard design for you. This backyard design offers a quite wide pool with amazing outdoor lights. Beside the pool, the backyard has a small patio with some great furniture such as a gray sectional sofa and a modern coffee table. Beside the patio, the backyard also has a traditional outdoor kitchen set with a stone kitchen island.

awesome backyard design with yellow wall lantern on house wall combined with beige kitchen cabinets under black parasol near pool

beautiful backyard design with khaki marble countertop on bricks kitchen table near pool with palm tree decor

captivate backyard design with outdoor fire it near armchairs on black tile flooring plus white recessed lights in blue pool

charming backyard design with bricks outdoor kitchen near on ground round pool near beige armchairs and grey parasol

cool patio on backyard design with white wood pergola above bricks kitchen cabinets on tile floor face to awesome pool

delighted backyard design with yellow recessed lights and grey sofas with pink cushions under silver parasol near turquoise pool

magnificent backyard with outdoor kitchen patio with curved bench and decorative drinks on wide pool with staircases

mesmerizing backyard design with teal parasols near pool plus brown chaise lounge around garden with tile pathway

wonderful backyard design with broken stone flooring around  pool with hot tub near open kitchen with slate fireplace

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