Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Fetching Pottery Barn Rugs for Your Patios

delightful pottery barn patio plus decorative topiary also black outdoor chairs and area rug

What do you usually provide your patio with? We have found several outdoor design inspirations involving the use of pottery barn rugs for the completion of your patio scheme.

Pottery barn, due to such modesty of a design and material, is most suitable your patio which bring about the local rusticity. Imagine placing a simple pattern pottery barn rug under a contemporary wooden table flanked by a set of rattan sofa seats. The pattern on rug wins the aesthetic aura against the rich texture of the rattan and wooden materials, especially that it has the same shade as the puffy pads layering the hard seats. A pottery barn rug with double scarlet squares in the surface radiates a strong chic and sexy aura for a set of black rattan wickers tucked in a glass-top rattan table under the wide scarlet patio parasol. And a pottery barn rug in heavy colours of vermillion, lime green, lemon chiffon and orange fits better for a set of picnic table and chairs completed with flower pattern still in the palette. The lime green parasol makes the look even more perfect for an eco-chic patio scheme.

However, if you search for the more economical price rugs, you might want to purchase the one without decorative elements. The texture is proven well enough to match with the rattan texture of the wicker furniture. An example has been set for a combination of the neutral tones of the barn rug and the wicker with white pads with avocado green and yellow accent tone sheathing the cushions. An addition of rose red accented light blue and slight lemon chiffon tones will not disrupt the scheme if you add one more tone, which bridges the pottery barn rug’s tone. Preferably, the sandy brown tone.

Those were few tips should you want to use pottery barn rugs for your patio. We strongly advise you to match the decorative element to the colour palette your patio is using. Even if the pottery barn rug you are choosing is bare.

admirable pottery barn  patio design mixed with orange parasol plus rectanglecoffee table and wicker furnitures

calming brown pottery barn patio mixed with wicker sectional sofa and topiary garden boundary

catchy pottery barn patio combined with wooden coffee table cart also red seating plus chandelier

cosy pottery barn patio and rectangular outdoor pool feats beautiful flower as table centrepiece also green parasol
magnificent pottery bar patio design feats floral armchairs pad also white parasol and rug

shady pottery barn patio design mixed with twin round top coffee table plus parasol  ideas

wonderful pottery barn patio design plus ergonomic wicker sofa with mismatching cushions

beautiful pottery barn patio combined with brown rug plus sectional seating and round coffee table

fresh pottery barn patio ideas feats stone mantel fireplace plus foamy sectional seating plus greenery

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