Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Pretty In Pink Bedroom Interior Designs for Loveable People

Pink represents compassion and love. Bedroom with pink interior can resemble its loveable owner. Pink bedrooms are not only common for little girls; some adults would also choose pink interior designs for their private space.

Here is a picture showing a white and magenta room. Most of the furniture is colored white, such as wardrobe, bed, and drawers. In spite of their white scheme, they are accentuated with magenta. On the floor, next to the bed there is a floral carpet. Above the bed is a close-up picture of a flower.

A different picture shows a beige colored room. In the room is a big white trundle covered in pink and white sheets, and pillowcases. To the far end of the room is a simple pink desk with its simple chair. There is a simplistic bedside table and stool next to the trundle. Above the bed are small round mirrors. Next to the bed, on the floor, is a lush rug.

As for little girls, there is a Hello Kitty themed bedroom. As we all know, Hello Kitty is identical to the color pink. In this room, the bed has a Hello Kitty headrest. There is a Hello Kitty mirror frame and matt. This room is entirely covered in Hello Kitty accessories, starting from the drawers, slippers, light fixtures; even the alarm clock and photo frame is using the Hello Kitty theme.

Meanwhile, there is this room for a small girl. The room itself utilizes green scheme, despite of the green scheme, there is this race-car-shaped divan. This race car divan is colored in a combination of pink and violet shades. There is picture of Barbie driving the race car. On this divan is a mattress covered with pink and magenta bed sheet. On the mattress, there are two pillows, one rectangular, and the other is round. The round pillow is pink, and the rectangular is blue with pink stripes. This kind of bed is really suitable for your little girl who wants to be a race when she grows up.

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