Friday, 6 November 2015

Pretty Bedrooms for Pretty Little Girls

Children would like to have their bedrooms as comfy as possible not only to sleep in but also to play in, especially for girls. Therefore, designing and modifying a perfect bedroom for your little girl could be an interesting yet intriguing activity. Most girls would dream of having a pink theme bedroom, but some others wouldn’t. Well, no matter what color scheme is chosen, parents should still think about the comfort of the room. 

If you still have a baby girl, you might probably want to design the room and combine it with a nursery. A picture here shows a chic nursery and bedroom. The room is mostly colored in soft pink, with floral decoration on the walls. The crib or bed is also covered in floral themed blanket and pillows; there is even a butterfly shaped pillow. The curtains hanging on the window and the mat under the crib is also decorated with butterfly motives.

Another picture shows a bedroom/nursery with white and pink furniture. The crib is colored white with pink pillows, there is a round pink carpet decorated with heart patterns, also another rug in the corner, near a white armchair, is a simple square shape rug. There are also white drawers and cabinets with pink linings. This room is big enough for the baby to play in.

A different picture shows a green, yellow, and orange theme girl’s bedroom. There is interesting wallpaper with elaborate yellow and green pattern to the right, behind the cabinet and bed. On the wall is attached a wooden plank that functions as a shelf. Under the shelf is a simple desk and a small green drawer. Next to the table with the drawer lies the bed with wooden divan and yellowish mattress.  Adjacent to the bed is a drawer colored in yellow and green. On the floor near the bed there is an orange rug. This room has a very simple interior design, but it still looks very comfy and pretty for a girl.

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