Sunday, 5 July 2015

The Stupendous Hanging Bed Design that Gives Extraordinary Relaxing Atmosphere

A cozy atmosphere in extraordinary relaxing space is must be everybody wanted. Well, that can be done by applying hanging bed in the bedroom. There are plenty examples that show how relaxing this hanging bed is. There is ceiling space that is functioned as bedroom space. It is painted in white that combines the natural wooden floor. In its center space, a wooden hanging bed is applied beautifully. It has squared wooden bed frame with navy blue bed. There are four vintage ropes that hold each edge of that wooden bed. The person who sleeps on this bed is must be felt very comfortable.

What a stunning female bedroom appearance it is. Soft pink wall entire the bedroom with fancy pink trees wallpaper and white roof that hang the soft toned bed look so calm and fresh. This wooden hanging bed has single colorful bed in pink bedding dress. A simple yet relaxing space is presented in this female bedroom. The next one is a country bedroom that applies this cool style. This bedroom is surrounded by natural wooden wall combines wide glass doors. The glossy plywood flooring has the same theme on its wooden hanging bed with king size bed that has Mediterranean pattern. Each of its edge has iron chains that hang it from its roof.

The super relaxing hanging bed is shown in the patio that also becomes the pool deck which has elegant wooden flooring. It has squared wooden bed frame that hang with white ropes on its edge. It has two cream beds on that wooden hanging bed with green and red pillows. Then, the relaxing hanging bed is presented in the back yard that hangs on its roof by white ropes. It has bright red-blue pillows and yellow cloth on its bed. The presence of this bed has made wonderful relaxation media whether in outdoor or indoor space. 

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