Friday, 26 June 2015

The Inspiring Young Adult Bedroom that Looks Wonderful

The age of our kids is rising in every time. They will have different needs from their childhood and teenager. When they are stepping the young adult ages, the privacy becomes important thing that cannot be just forgotten. It can be supported by presenting elegance young adult bedroom for them. It must be useful for their growth. This post is going to review some young adult bedroom that properly set in good order.

The first one is the masculine young adult bedroom that applies seamless wooden furniture. They are kept in natural color scheme that can be seen on its cupboard and drawer. Its white master bed have amazing headboard that formed in shelving cabinets with amazing lightings. It has modern glossy wooden laminate flooring that beautifies by simple white rug. The next example here is the vintage bedroom that fits for a young adult man. It has single rustic bed with white-grey stripes bedding. It has old basketball in vintage basket with “TOYS” lettering. In the back of the bed, there is old style American flag in brown that suits with cream wall. Meanwhile, it has double wide windows and navy blue curtains. Beside of the bed, there is vintage wooden desk with glossy wooden chair. On its opposite, there is vintage cream drawer and old tricycle bike that become the vintage decoration.

The next bedroom design is a chic bedroom that fits for young adult woman. It is surrounded by black wall combines with white wall and windows with transparent pink curtains. It has white single bed in white bedding that matches with simple drawer on its side and white minimalist storage. In front of the bed, there is pink cushion that has well decorated this bedroom. Look at the black wall, an abstract flower painting has become the wall art in this beautiful bedroom.

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