Friday, 12 June 2015

Present the Unconventional Kitchen Appearance through Applying Eccentric Kitchen Design

There are so many kitchen designs that can be applied in your home. In this post will review the extraordinary kitchen design that is rare to be applied in a house, but it has stunning appearance. It is an eccentric kitchen design that has unconventional design to improve the beauty of kitchen atmosphere. It is seen in the open space kitchen in white color scheme. There is long wooden kitchen cabinet that combines the smooth kitchen island that becomes one with marble kitchen bar. Its bar has two bronze barstools contrasted with two iron pendant lightings. Look at the built in storage that dominate the side wall. Its white accent is suited with black microwaves. Then, this eccentric kitchen is naturalized by narrow glass window above of the cabinet.

The next beautiful appearance of eccentric kitchen is seen in the modern house with medium sized kitchen. This kitchen has applied the eccentric style through its furniture composition. There is white sectional cabinet with black marble countertop. It has glossy white storages mounted on its cream wall. A stunning accent is given by mounting the sleek black marble desk with chromed stools that is functioned as kitchen bar. Its white leathered chairs are matched with modern furniture accent that form cozy atmosphere.
Well, this kitchen style is actually applying uncommon design that forms a beautiful combination. As this eccentric kitchen take us to this beauty appearance. There is spacious kitchen in black wall with amazing lighting effect. It has bar space that completes with wine rack in chromed panels with fluorescent lights. On its chromed countertop is used to place coffee mixer, wine serving glass, and faucets. Next to this cabinet, there is bar table in wooden material that has fluorescent lights decoration on its black wall. Above of it, there are black pendant lightings that give beautiful lights.

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