Thursday, 4 June 2015

Outstanding Appearance of Whimsical House Design that Flows Cozy Atmosphere

In the interior developments, there are some styles that fusion several furniture elements into one interior design. This post is going to explain the beauty of whimsical house design that looks wonderful. The first cool example is shown by functional room that is applied as dining and living room. In here, the whole room space is painted in white with white furniture application. The white sofa with white drawer and stand lamp are matched the oval white dining table and chairs. In front of the sofa, there is white wooden table with sleek stools. The unconventional grey fabric rug is applied in this space that adds magnificent appearance.

Well, the next beautiful whimsical design is seen in the medium kitchen that is accented with white floral patterned rug. It has traditional red cupboard with glass door. Next to the cupboard, a modern white dining table is fitted with white iron chairs. Above of the table, modern glossy white pendant lighting is attached beautifully. Then, the kitchen cabinet applies pristine white color on its modern shape combines with brown marble countertop. 
This whimsical house design shows the clever idea in creating colorful accent that could improve the room space appearance. There is corner living room in modern house that is painted in white. It applies narrow chairs in wooden stool with yellow leathered seats and back rest. In their middle, there is small contemporary table with black-white plaid paint. It has modern white floor ramp that adds another beauty look in this space. Now, let us go to the fantastic kids room that applies many fancy furniture elements. It has medium space that get its vintage look by those wooden furniture. The wooden bed that made from natural wood material fitted with white bed in vintage pattern bedding dress. Then, the drawer that uses as drawer and retro wall lamps have made this room becomes more than just awesome.

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