Friday, 5 June 2015

Giving Fancy Accent in Baby Room with Winnie the Pooh Baby Furniture

Good place for the baby is important considering it needs. By having good place, your baby will able to have perfect relaxing time and could explore that space for the better of its brain. Considering on that fact, Winnie the Pooh furniture could be one of the choices to set up the baby furniture. Let us see the fancy baby room in awesome appearance. There is a baby room painted in cream and green wall paint with cream laminate flooring. It has dark brown crib in soft-grey Winnie the Pooh bedding dress with Pooh character on its pattern and Pooh carrousel. Beside of it, there is wooden rocking chair with towel hanger. On its wall, there is mounted wooden panel with Pooh wall art. That interior design creates fresh nuance that make your baby feels homey.

Next, it is a baby room that is painted in soft-cream wall. It has Winnie the Pooh patterned on its cream bedding dress. On its wall, there are three pooh pillows mounted on the wall. Then, above of the window, there is simple Pooh curtain combines with two Pooh n friends painting. In its dark brown drawer, cute furniture is shown by its desk lamp that has Pooh shape with pooh towel on its knob.
The next baby room in Winnie the Pooh accent is shown by large baby room that has white wall decorated by vivid natural wallpaper. Its bedding dress has Winnie the Pooh theme that matches with white curtain in red splashing tone. Its wooden floor suits with shabby white cupboard and Pooh dolls that add another beauty nuance. Its natural fresh has created by the furniture application and its wide windows that allow the fresh air comes inside the room space. The presence of vintage wooden chair beside of the cradle bring calm accent that can help you to have a nice seat, and of course give a perfect space for your baby.

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