Sunday, 14 June 2015

German Kitchen Design With The Yellow Nuance As The Main Coloring Spot

Every single living space in a house needs to get the theme in its concept. It means that the concept is the stream then the supportive materials will be the idea former. The creativity is needed whether it is in the form of arrangement or placement and the coloring performance as well. The coloring performance is used to get the focal point or just the simple ornament. Here it is the coloring performance as the main idea for the concepted kitchen.

A kitchen can have the basic idea firstly such the german kitchen. This is the modern kitchen that is simply becoming the decorated kitchen. Then, for the coloring performance, there will be the strong accent of the color which is supporting the spot as the major point of all. The yellow theme is good. The application of the yellow color for the whole kitchen’s concept can be from the yellow nuance cabinets. This is the glossy yellow kitchen cabinets to add the modern effect. 

As the additional and supportive idea, the kitchen island can be in the same harmony. Placing the stainless modern-look sink with the curve faucet is just perfect. The design of the built-in microwave and the modern electric range will give the strong nuance of modern as well. To make them harmonious, the concept of black granite countertops will be the most powerful match for combining the yellow nuance. The contemporary pendant lamps look so beautiful to be placed, while the contemporary bar stools will get the relaxing spot. Simple ornaments like the acrylic vase and the green-look decor will complete its beauty. To catch the neutral point, the application of the wooden flooring design is suitable.
This kind of kitchen really takes the warm atmosphere. The combination of black and yellow would give the effect of strength. This modern concept is needed for those who want to get the comfy kitchen as what they want it to be.

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